Who is INSquary for?

  • To professionals in the insurance sector such as insurance companies or brokers.

Does INSquary design or distribute insurance products?

  • INSquary does not design or distribute insurance products under any circumstances. INSquary offers services to help professionals in the insurance sector to comply with the various regulations in force, which are specific to the financial sector (examples: fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, directive on distribution of insurance) or transversal (example: general data protection regulation).

As an insurer, can I subscribe to INSquary?

  • Yes, your subscription will allow you to: choose among your delegatees those to whom you give access to the service and ask to fill out a compliance questionnaire, and attach the supporting documents; access the “compliance files” of your delegates (answers and supporting documents); measure the risk of non-compliance of each delegate; visualize a map of your delegates, according to their degree of compliance; prove that the delegatees’ compliance monitoring campaigns were conducted.

If, as an insurer, I give access to my delegatees to the INSquary service, will these be billed?

  • No, if with your “insurer” subscription you give access to the INSquary service to your delegatees, they will not be charged. In terms of access you have opened, their subscription will not allow them to give access to their “compliance file” to other insurers, but nothing prevents them from subscribing elsewhere (see next question).

As a delegatee, can I subscribe to INSquary?

  • Yes, a delegatee can subscribe to INSquary, either to make a self-diagnosis of his compliance, or to propose to one or more of his insurer partners to access to his “compliance record”. Regardless of the number of insurers he works with, he only completes his compliance file once (an appreciable saving of time!).

Is the confidentiality of the data ensured?

  • Yes, our servers respect very high standards of security and confidentiality. The delegatee chooses the insurers to whom he gives access to his compliance file.

I am not an insurer but I have delegatees, can I subscribe to INSquary?

  • Yes, for example a wholesale broker can subscribe to INSquary and give access to the platform to the local brokers with whom he works. His subscription also allows him to give access to his insurance partners to his own compliance file. In the long term, INSquary will allow a “transparent” vision by insurers of the compliance of their subdelegatees.

At the end of the diagnosis of INSquary, I do not comply: what to do?

  • The system offers you an action plan with follow-up to remedy points of non-compliance. We can also propose to you personalized support services.

What is the INSquary repository?

  • The INSquary platform is based on a repository of some 250 questions, to which it can be answered in a flexible way, according to their importance (50 central questions, 200 more peripheral questions), the nature of the delegated activities (distribution, operations, …), the branches of insurance practiced, the thematic questions. In most cases, the legal texts at the origin of the questions are cited, and hypertext links allow access to them. Our team ensures a permanent watch on the evolution of texts and their application.

Does INSquary cover all lines of insurance?

  • Yes: filters are used to select the questions applicable to the delegatee according to the branches he practices or not.