In addition to its internet platform, INSquary offers consulting and training services provided by experienced specialists in the insurance industry.

The consulting services are intended for insurance companies and their delegatees.

We help insurers to design, deploy and pilot compliance mechanisms for their relationships with their representatives. On their behalf, we carry out audits of the delegatees.

We help the delegatees to comply, either with regard to a particular issue (examples: IDD, GDPR) or as part of a global approach to compliance. Our interventions are adapted to the size of the delegates and the nature of the delegated activities (distribution and / or operations). They can take place in three stages: flash diagnosis, elaboration of a remediation plan, operational support.

Training services are delivered by a specialized partner. They concern either compliance issues or the reinforcement of employees’ professional skills, particularly in the context of new requirements arising from the IDD (at least fifteen hours of continuous training per year and per employee starting in 2019).

Our partner for the Belgian market is the specialized consulting firm STRATTON MAES CONSULTANTS, which provides extensive expertise in brokers support in their modernization efforts. particularly in terms of compliance and quality of customer service.