A word from the Chairman

Founded by three experienced insurance professionals, our company INSquary is a "RegTech" which uses digital potentials to facilitate and secure relationships between insurers and their partners (distributors, outsourced services providers) concerning the dematerialized formalization of agreements and compliance with their regulatory obligations. INSquary aims to become the reference European platform regarding those diligences.

Our team

Rémi Villiers-Moriamé


Rémi is CEO of INSquary, with 30 years of experience in the Insurance industry, where he held various audit and control positions. He has led numerous digital innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

Mail: remi@insquary.com

Philippe Ramangasoavina


Philippe is Chairman of INSquary, with more than 30 years of professional experience in insurance. He has notably been Head of Claims and CEO in various Insurance companies, and Chairman of an inter-professional body.

Mail: philippe@insquary.com

Fabien Guibert


Fabien is CTO of INSquary, with nearly 20 years of experience in the design and development of information systems, mainly in the insurance sector. He is a specialist in web architectures and document management.

Mail: fabien@insquary.com

Our services

Providing you a cloud service that is unique, simple, secure and connected

to digitalize regulatory compliance paths, whatever your profile (insurer, broker, ...), your European country and its regulations

Supporting you on the trajectories and action plans

by offering you personalized advice, audit and support services
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Our platform

High availability of the application

99.99%, 24/7, 365 days / year, redundant servers

High security of storage and confidentiality of exchanges.

Data encrypted and hosted in France on private cloud

Integration with legal and external services

Register, court office, Docaposte…

Support for the regulations of several European countries

Multilingual application, adapted regulations and legislations

REST API for integration with your systems

Data import/export, Register real-time status, compliance report ...

Our partners


Sell ​&Sign offers an electronic document signature solution compliant with EIDAS regulations, integrated into the INSquary platform. Documents signed through this process are level 3 certified, confirmed by a code sent to the signatories’ mobile phones, with legal archiving at Docaposte (La Poste group). This solution combines reliability and speed of signature workflows.


DOCAPOSTE allows companies and administrations to digitalize their business processes and customer, employee, supplier and citizen relationship paths. INSquary uses its services in close connection with the electronic signature solution Sell&Sign in order to legally archive the signed documents, keep a legal trace and prove the authenticity of the signatures.

They trust us

The FFA Hub

INSquary was one of the first 6 startups to join the Innovation Hub of the FFA (French Insurance Federation) in 2018. Located in the premises of the FFA boulevard Haussmann in Paris, it aims to facilitate exchanges between innovative actors in the sector.

Finance Innovation

INSquary was labelled by the Finance Innovation competitiveness cluster in June 2019 as an innovative Regtech. This allows us to improve our visibility and our credibility in France and in Europe and benefit from the support of the cluster.

European Finance Summit

INSquary received the RegTech award at the European Finance Summit in Luxembourg on March 5, 2020. An award which encourages us in our approach to European development, beyond our current presence in France and Belgium.