INSquary, founded in 2018 by experienced insurance and new technologies professionals, is dedicated to the professionals of the insurance sector all across the European Union, to whom we propose:

  • a secure, traceable, simple and scalable internet service that allows them:
    • to evaluate their compliance with a rigorous frame of reference (including European directives such as Solvency 2, IDD, GDPR, recommendations of regulatory authorities, rules and brokerage practices, good market practices, etc.) and manage action plans to reduce the gaps between the existing and the targeted situations;
    • to manage and control the related supported documents within our storage platform;
    • to analyze and return information: compliance diagnosis, risk analysis module, performance reporting, management of the insurer’s relationship with its network…
  • consulting services to help subscribers who wish to implement the action plans.

The solutions proposed by INSquary are simple and pragmatic. They use new technologies as a means of enhancing transparency and trust between the insurance market players, in a context marked by:

  • the increasing fragmentation of value chains (multiplicity of stakeholders),
  • the reinforcement of the attention paid by the legislator (art. 38 and 49 of the Solvency 2 Directive) and the regulator to the delegations of activities,
  • the multiplication of specialized regulations (GDPR, IDD, …),
  • the need to control the risk of non-compliance, in the interest both of insurance professionals and their clients.